Monday, March 3, 2014

A New Beginning

The time has come.  This Wednesday is the day to draw a line in the sand.  Lent is the time of sacrifice.  It is the time of giving of ourselves to others.  It is the time when you reflect on God's callings for you.

Are you willing to take up the cross, find your moral compass and stick to the plan once you commit?  Are you willing to fall on your sword and beg for the mercy only He can give?  Are you willing to put aside selfishness and old habits to form yourself into a better vision of who you can be for Christ?

There comes a time when God calls you to the front line and tells you "Look, you're messing all of this up and I am reaching My hand out to you.  Will you take it?"

Are you willing to let go of your pride and embrace modesty?  Can you move forward in hope to what He is calling you to be? Can you love with sacrificial love ***I NEED A LINK TOMORROW***?

This blog didn't begin by accident.  God had a plan in this.  He is calling you to one or more of these things during Lent.  Don't believe me?  How angry did one of these posts make you feel?  How much did you resist that information?

Confession moment:  I resisted writing ALL of them.  *I* didn't even want to hear what needed to be written.  I cringed at what your thoughts might be, at putting these thoughts out into the world and fearing the criticisms that would come.  I laid my heart out on a platter and prayed that you would hear what you needed to hear and find the strength to encourage yourself and each other. 

Let's face it, being a lady isn't for sissies - especially in this day and age.

I chose to let HIM lead.  I promise to always do so.

Are you up to the challenge as well?

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